Common Cleaning Mistakes

Doing the housework isn’t usually fun, but it’s even worse when you realize that some of your cleaning habits might actually be making your house dirtier! Here are some common cleaning mistakes you may be making—and how to fix them.

  • Scrubbing carpet stains: All that effort to scrub away a stain could make it spread more or even push it deeper into the fabric of the carpet. Blotting instead of rubbing is the better idea.
  • Using Magic Eraser on everything: Those white sponges make shiny surfaces (like countertops, wood floors, high gloss painted walls, and oven or microwave windows) look dull, not clean. 
  • Bleaching rust and mold stains: Bleach will actually make rust problems worse, since rust requires oxidation and that’s exactly what bleach does. Bleach also makes mold look like it’s gone when it’s not, a deception that can be toxic. Use a product like Bar Keepers Friend on rust and simple hydrogen peroxide on mold (or call a professional).
  • Not cleaning the cleaning tools: It’s crucial to periodically clean the tools you use to ensure that they’re not simply depositing yesterday’s grime onto today’s surfaces. Wash your sponge or dishcloth at least once a week. Make sure the toilet brush is dry before you put it away. And clean the vacuum’s filter when you empty the canister.