How To Trade In Your Phone

Have you ever traded in a phone? Most carriers have their own programs that you can learn about on their website or through your account. However, there are other options out there too, offering cash for both Android and Apple devices. Here’s how to get the best deal:

  • Shop around. Don’t just take your carrier’s word for it, be sure to check multiple providers to find the best offer. Try these sites after checking with your provider:,
  • Before cashing in, fix that broken screen. Some carriers will reduce the price for the phone to next to nothing if it has a broken screen. However, most screen fixes are quick, can be cheap, and will increase the value of your phone. Do your research.
  • Delete. Delete. Delete. Be sure to delete all personal information after you have backed up your phone. Once you’ve saved your data, restore the phone to its factory settings to avoid any potential fraud or your data getting into the wrong hands.