Kid-Friendly Floor Ideas

Kids can be hard on floors. The flooring you choose needs to be safe as well as durable when there are little ones crawling around.

Parents should only consider vinyl, for instance, if it’s certified to have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions—and some health experts still don’t advise families with small kids to use vinyl. Here are a few kid-friendly floor ideas:

  1. Carpeting is soft and absorbs sound, but it also hangs onto dust and other allergens. Make sure to clean regularly if you choose carpet.
  2. Carpet squares make stains or other damage easy to fix—you replace a single square. Keep it clean like a regular carpet!
  3. Oak flooring with an antique finish can help hide any new scrapes. Just fill with wood filler and a dab of stain.
  4. Bamboo flooring is durable and beautiful; plus, it’s a sustainable crop. It’s stain-resistant and a good choice for a home with children.
  5. Cork is softer than hardwood and easier to clean than carpet, and it’s antimicrobial, which makes it great for kids. It might be best for bedrooms as high wear areas mean more dings and scrapes.
  6. Machine-washable area rugs help save expensive flooring from wear and tear. Check out for lots of beautiful options.