Got Lawn Problems?

Got a lawn? You probably have or have had these problems. Here are the most common problems and how to fix them.

  • Mushrooms: are beneficial to your lawn and provide nutrients. Try using grass clippings as mulch if they bother you, otherwise, know they are a good sign of a healthy lawn!
  • Snow mold: is a fungal lawn disease that happens in spring, after the snow melts. It looks like small patches of cobweb-like grass. You can solve the problem by mowing regularly, rake up visible mold patches, and holding off putting chemicals on the lawn.
  • Patchy lawn: may be a sign of compacted soil. Simply loosen soil using a core aerator, which can be rented at most hardware stores.
  • Brown/dead areas: this can be caused by dogs making a potty stop. It might be tough, but the way to prevent this is to keep the doggies in their own areas. Soak with a hose to help the grass grow back.