Cool Uses For Plastic Bags

Plastic bags need not be one-time-use items. They have lots of reusable purposes. Try these ideas to make use of them, instead of letting them pile up under the sink or go right into the trash!

  • Add a stash to the car for a portable trash bin.
  • Take them on vacation as a travel laundry bag.
  • Weatherproof your padlocks. Stop them from freezing by adding a sandwich bag over the lock.
  • Portable poop bags. Save on buying doggy bags from the store and re-use old plastic bags.
  • Use as a doggy water bowl when out hiking.
  • Dispose of cooking oil in used resealable sandwich bags.
  • Craft! Bloggers and crafters have used old plastic bags to make rugs, bags, and even rope. Get online to find out how! Search for “trash bag crafts.”
  • Keep a paintbrush fresh. If you’re in the middle of painting, but waiting for the first coat to dry, wrap the used paintbrush in a plastic bag to keep from drying out. Then simply unwrap and re-use.