12 Decorating Ideas to Create Your Dream Bedroom

Though we have our eyes closed during much of the time we spend in the bedroom, the right decorations can make the space feel like your own personal retreat whether your eyes are open or closed.

Maybe one or two of these tips will work for your room. And, next time you stay in a relaxing hotel room or a friend’s guest room, make note of how those bedrooms are decorated—you may get even more new ideas to try out at home.

  1. Splash bold wallpaper around the room and you may not need any other decor.
  2. Hanging oversized tapestries adds color as well as texture.
  3. Removable adhesives make adding pictures or quotes easy (check out wallpops.com).
  4. Floating shelves are both additional storage and a way to showcase beloved trinkets.
  5. Give a room an antique feel with decorative moldings.
  6. Introduce some greenery with pretty sconce planters for succulents or other small plants.
  7. Feature a modern sculptural work for some dimension.
  8. Make small rooms feel bigger with large mirrors.
  9. Dress your windows with elegant floor-length curtains for drama.
  10. Hang tiles typically meant for ceilings or kitchen backsplashes as an accent wall – mix designs creatively, or make a smaller framed piece for added texture and surprise.
  11. Try a headboard of rustic wood panels or luxurious upholstery fabric (or an entire wall).
  12. Take advantage of lots of wall space to create a museum-style gallery of your favorite art.