Keep Your Brain Young

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Just like the rest of the body, the brain needs to be kept in shape, too. Here are a few tips to keep the brain healthy and ward off cognitive impairment:

  1. Stimulate your mind. Puzzles or any other mental challenges are a great way to generate new cells in the brain and develop plasticity (the brain’s ability to rewire itself). Crosswords, sudoku, or any math exercises are great.
  2. Exercise. Moving your body — especially aerobic activity like running or fast-paced walking — can help prevent mental decline.
  3. Watch what you eat. Another great way to keep the brain in shape is through nutritious foods which can prevent diseases, like diabetes, that take a toll on the brain. Think: colorful vegetables, high fiber foods, low sodium, and less processed foods. Antioxidant rich foods, like berries and citrus, help reduce oxidative stress (which creates a toxic imbalance) and can even lessen the effects of dementia.
  4. Improve your blood pressure.High blood pressure has been linked to cognitive decline. Keep blood pressure low by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, reducing stress, and limiting alcohol.