Extend Your Engine’s Life

Image by Devolk from Pixabay

Replacing a vehicle’s engine is costly and inconvenient. Keep yours running as long as possible with a few key good habits.

  • Avoid quick acceleration. Don’t race a car’s engine when you start it up, especially in cold weather. Accelerate slowly when you begin driving, and don’t drive at high speeds or accelerate quickly when it’s very hot or cold outside.
  • Avoid idling. It’s common to let a car “warm up” by letting it idle before driving, but this results in soot deposits on cylinder walls, oil contamination, and other conditions that can have a long-term, negative impact. Note: if it’s very cold out, you should warm the engine up before driving to allow oil and other fluids to circulate.
  • Combine errands. Driving for a longer period of time during low-traffic hours is easier on your engine and better for the environment.
  • Maintain wheel-well splash guards. These help keep water, slush, and salt from splashing into the engine compartment, which can cause damage.