Tracking Spending with an App

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Making and sticking to a budget is simpler with the abundance of online and mobile tools currently available. Some of these apps track how much you’re spending vs. how much you make and some even show you ways to allocate your money to pay off debt or earn more from investments.

  • Mint(free; iOS and Android) by Intuit (makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax) provides a superb real-time overview of your entire financial picture—every bank account, credit card, investment, bill, and property—in one place. Users also get free credit scores.
  • Wally (free; iOS; Wally+ on Android) is app-only (there’s no browser version yet) and specifically designed to help track expenses. Take photos of receipts to skip typing all the information, and Wally will even geo-locate the expense for you.
  • YNAB ($83.99/year; iOS and Android) stands for “You Need a Budget,” and the app teaches users to spend no more than they earn and pay off debt more quickly. YNAB says average users save $600 by the second month using the app.

In addition to these powerful tools, you may also want to add a money-sharing app like Venmo ( or Square’s Cash App ( to your mobile arsenal. They make sending money to other people quick and easy—especially handy when splitting things like cab fare or dinner.