Zero-Waste Items You Might Not Have Considered

There are lots more than just reusable water bottles and grocery bags available these days to help you live a greener lifestyle. Here are a few that can save money AND landfill space:

  • Ditch the zip-top baggies: Did you know you can now buy reusable storage bags for things like sandwiches, snacks, or leftovers? Try Amazon or a store like Target.
  • Produce bags: Mesh produce bags can replace all those thin produce bags at the grocery store, and they won’t dump all your carrots. You can find these at Amazon or Target, too.
  • No more cling film: There are handy wax fabrics you can replace your plastic cling wrap with now. Bonus: you just need to rinse dry to re-use, and it’s reusable AND biodegradable. Check out:
  • Use your own coffee cup: Take your own cup to your favorite café and ask them to save the paper cup. Keep a clean one in your vehicle for unplanned coffee runs.
  • Skip the dryer sheets: Reusable wool dryer balls can soften and fluff your laundry without the chemicals’ commercial dryer sheets use. You can add your favorite essential oil if you want a fresh scent. You can find them at most big-box stores and: