Eat Your Front Yard

The front yard has traditionally been more for beautiful and showy plants, and less for edible veggies.

But can you have both? Here are some ideas for beautiful plants that grow to a variety of different heights, make use of your green space, AND provide food to eat!

  • Corn: the plants grow into large dramatic shoots.
  • Artichokes: produce big beautiful purple-tinged chokes that look like sunflowers.
  • Rainbow chard: produces a range of colored leaves for much of the year.
  • Chives: they aren’t as big as these other vegetable plants, but they produce beautiful little flowers and are low maintenance.
  • Thyme: produces a lovely ground cover and caterpillars hate it, which will save your kale!
  • Italian kale: will look great next to the rainbow chard. It’s hardy and will produce kale throughout the seasons, too.
  • Peas: also have lovely flowers and will grow on a trellis at the back of your vegetable garden.