Maintaining Wood Floors

Wood floors can help make a home feel warm and inviting, and they’re always a big selling point. Like any natural material, though, wood needs some special care to ensure it maintains its good looks for decades.

  • Dust acts like sandpaper the second you walk on it. Sweep regularly to keep dust at bay. And always sweep before using a spray cleaner.
  • Put an extra layer of protection in high-traffic or high-impact areas, including padded discs under furniture legs. On dining room chairs that drag on the floor regularly, change the pads each month.
  • Use specialized cleaning agents made for the type of finish on your wood floor. Other cleaners (including vinegar and furniture polish) can dull the finish on your floors or damage them over time.
  • A floor’s finish won’t wear evenly all over, and you can’t repair just one area—as soon as one spot is showing bare wood, the whole floor needs to be refinished. As soon as you notice a discolored or faded spot, it’s time to recoat the floor.

For more information, check out the National Wood Flooring Association’s website: