Malware Help

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

Has your computer suddenly gotten super slow? Do you have a new toolbar on your browser that you don’t remember adding? Or, maybe your search and home pages have changed. Odd pop-ups appearing? You could be experiencing malware symptoms!

Malware is hidden in your computer, unlike a virus, because the designers want their program running unnoticed in the background.

What should you do?

  • If you notice these symptoms, assume it’s malware and that it’s already gotten past your antivirus (you DO have an antivirus program, right?). Run something else, like ESET’s Free Online Scanner for Windows computers (, which doesn’t require installation, or try Malwarebytes’ free version ( for either PC or Mac.
  • Run the scanner (follow instructions provided by the program) in Windows Safe Mode if you’re on a PC. Search for “start in safe mode” for instructions for your version of Windows.
  • Finish up with a full computer scan with your antivirus program and deal with any threats found. Remember to keep programs up-to-date, and scan and clean your computer regularly.